This is a case-study with a 60-minute, multiple-choice test. It is open-book which means you can look at your notes, manuals and/or books during the test. You must, however, take the test on your own. You are not allowed to have help from anyone else. Be careful not to spend too much time searching through notes and manuals during the test as you only have 60 minutes to complete the test. You must achieve a minimum score of 60% to pass.

If your score is less than 60%, you are allowed to take the test one more time. You have 90 days, in total, to complete your test/s from the date you first register to take the course. If still below 60% you have the option of registering again and paying the fees again.

So please ensure you are fully prepared for the test.

Did you:

  • Read the Manuals
  • Read the Case Study
  • Take the 11 Lessons including:
    • Watch the 11 videos
    • Take the 11 Test Quizzes
    • Digest the 12 Take-Away Thoughts


If yes, then you are ready.

Good luck!

The following questions are based on the  LinkedIn™ case study and general questions based on the SOSTAC® planning model.

All questions should be answered within the stipulated time of 60 minutes. The minimum score required to pass the test is 60%. The marks awarded by the SOSTAC® is final and cannot be reviewed. The candidate will be informed of the questions that were incorrectly answered.