Create distinctive competitive advantage by becoming a SOSTAC® Certified Company. Stand out from the crowd when tendering, bidding, recruiting or forming alliances. Develop credibility amongst stakeholders by being part of an elite group of companies that invest in and acquire planning excellence.


Pass the SOSTAC® Certified Company audit

Nominate two members of staff to take the SOSTAC® Associate &/or SOSTAC® Certified Planner.


  • Be part of an elite group of companies that invest in planning excellence
  • Develop credibility amongst your stakeholders
  • Create competitive advantage
  • Receive SOSTAC® Certified Company Certificate & logo
  • Company can nominate up to 2 individuals free of charge to become Certified Planners. Nominees must meet the requirements i.e. be SOSTAC® Associates or have 5 years' work experience.


Once you register you can

  • Download your SOSTAC® Planning Manual Extra*( a non-transferable document). This your guide. Estimated study time is approximately 30 hours. *This manual is similar to the Associates manual it contains an extra section (taken from the SOSTAC® Guide to writing your perfect digital marketing plan)
  • Access SOSTAC® summary plans or Case Studies (how SOSTAC® is applied at campaign level).
  • Access SOSTAC® Success Stories (how senior managers have applied SOSTAC® to their businesses)
  • Get PR Smith Blog Feed all in one place and enjoy cutting edge posts from Gamification, to Virtual Reality to the Internet of Things.
  • Access network/directory of SOSTAC® certified professionals


Company must complete the SOSTAC® Company audit.


For more information regarding the package including costs please contact PR Smith

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The SOSTAC® Certification Portal issues SOSTAC® Certificates for the following: SOSTAC® Associates, SOSTAC® Certified Planners and SOSTAC® Certified Companies.

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The SOSTAC ® Certified Planner is accredited by the CPD Standards Office UK


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