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Both the Main Manual and the Mini Manual contain sufficient material for you to take the SOSTAC® Certified Planner assessment. By using both manuals, you will see how SOSTAC® Planning can be applied in many different types of plans. The logic is simple, clear and robust.

SOSTAC® Manual

The sole purpose of this manual is to help professionals write great plans, whether it be a business plan, a charity plan, a campaign, a project, a particular target audience plan, or, as were told recently, to write a wedding plan! I have used SOSTAC® in all of my text books over the years.

We want to empower the future generation of planners to be skilled and competent at a young age so that their SOSTAC® Planning skills will hold them in good stead as they move up their corporate ladder, or, as they step into running their own businesses and projects.

We want professionals to take their plans to the next level of professionalism.

That’s why we have two levels of assessment: The SOSTAC® Associate develops a fundamental knowledge of SOSTAC® Plans which is assessed online via multiple choice/multiple answer assessment.

The more advanced, SOSTAC® Certified Planner, requires professionals to apply their SOSTAC® Planning skill to a mini case online, via multiple choice/multiple answer assessment.

SOSTAC® Advanced Mini Manual

In addition to the SOSTAC® Main Manual (which is also used by SOSTAC® Associates), this mini manual, is exclusively for professionals preparing to become SOSTAC® Certified Planners (and those who like to refer this mini-manual after the assessment i.e. throughout their professional career).

This mini manual is a summary of excerpts taken from the popular SOSTAC® Guide To Writing Your Perfect Digital Marketing Plan (NB if you are buying this book, make sure you get the latest version, at the time of writing this manual, it is V2.0).

You cannot download the manuals until payment has been received. And you receive the email confirmation, changed your password & come back to the main site.

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The SOSTAC® Certification Portal issues SOSTAC® Certificates for the following: SOSTAC® Associates, SOSTAC® Certified Planners and SOSTAC® Certified Companies.

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