Master the Perfect Plan: Become a
SOSTAC® Certified Planner

Tired of scrambling for marketing success? Feeling lost in a sea of tactics without a clear direction?

Introducing the SOSTAC® Certified Planner Course: Your key to unlocking mastery in writing the perfect plan!

What is SOSTAC®?

SOSTAC® is a planning methodology which can be used to write business plans, marketing plans, digital plans, operational plans and even personal plans.

SOSTAC® was created by PR Smith and took him ten years to develop its simple and logical structure. It was voted in the Top 3 Business Models by the Chartered Institute of Marketing Centenary Poll and is now used by LinkedIn, KPMG, RBS, start-ups and thousands of organisations and professionals around the world.

Why become a SOSTAC® Certified Planner?

SOSTAC® Certified Planner Course

Master the methodology and its application with an in-depth online course and assessment.

The SOSTAC® Journey

Must be over the age of 18

Must be a SOSTAC® Associate or have at least 5 years’ managerial experience or have a degree/diploma in Marketing or Business

Ready to take your business and marketing planning skills to the next level?

Enroll in the SOSTAC® Certification program today and unlock your potential as a strategic planning mastermind.

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