SOSTAC® Certified Trainer

Become a SOSTAC® Certified Trainer

A limited number of trainers will be appointed in selected cities.

  • Must be a SOSTAC® Certified Planner as well as a highly rated business trainer.
  • Limited number of trainers appointed
  • Large potential training opportunity
  • Create distinctive competitive advantage
  • Listed as a SOSTAC® Certified Trainer with certificate & logo
  • Power point slides
  • Workbook
  • Logos & graphics
  • Video list of urls
  • SOSTAC® Advanced Manual

Annual license fee   (single user license) plus % commission on all training programmes. Contact


If other training events are required in any areas e.g. Asia, the original SOSTAC® author, PR Smith, delivers whether, conference speeches, lectures, workshops or creative brainstorming sessions.   Trainers can become affiliates & subsequently earn additional commission.