SOSTAC® Certified Planner

Know how to write the perfect marketing plan. Help improve other people’s plans.

SOSTAC® Certified Planners are a unique network of professionals who can apply the perfect structure to any plan, whether a business plan, department plan, marketing plan, campaign plan, or even your own life plan.

Applicants must either be a SOSTAC® Associate (having passed the online assessment) or have at least 5 years’ managerial experience

  • SOSTAC® Certified Planners can build professional plans
  • Discuss, with confidence, existing plans or other departments’ plans
  • Help colleagues to use the same structure and build better plans
  • Ensure consistency across the business – boosting efficiency and effectiveness
  • They also have access to network/directory of SOSTAC® certified professionals
  • The certificate is accredited by the CPD Standards Office
  • Download your SOSTAC® Advanced Manual along with the SOSTAC® Basic Manual (which is used in the SOSTAC® Associate course). These are your two manuals. Estimated study time is approximately 20-30 hours.
SOSTAC® Advanced Manual
  • Access SOSTAC® summary plans or Case Studies (how SOSTAC® is applied at campaign level).
  • Get PR Smith Blog Feed all in one place and enjoy cutting edge posts from Gamification, to Virtual Reality to the Internet of Things.
  • Access network/directory of SOSTAC® Certified Professionals
  • Access the SOSTAC® Certified Planner platform (the Learning Management System). Watch a short video for each section. Read the relevant section in both manuals. Go back to the online course and take the quiz relating to each section to track your understanding.

Registration Fee: £150 (includes one free test re-sit if required). For UK residents, the standard 20% VAT applies i.e. UK Fee is £180. Non-UK Fee is £150.

1-hour, open book, online Multiple-Choice test based on a case study (Pass mark: 60%). Take the SOSTAC® CERTIFIED PLANNER online test after you have read the manual/s, watched the videos and taken the quizzes or attended a workshop or read the SOSTAC® Guide to your Perfect Digital Marketing Plan.

  • Get an instant result
  • Give instant feedback
  • Get your instant personalised certificate

Register now to take SOSTAC® Certified Planner so you can get the resources and start preparing for the online assessment.

Please note the SOSTAC® Certified Planner is accredited by the CPD Standards Office UK.

  • You must take the test within 90 days of registration. Anything beyond 90 days and you must register and pay the fee again – if you want to take the online test.
  • Tests are always on and available whenever you feel ready.
  • The test is ONE (1) hour in duration.
  • You must have a stable internet connection to take any SOSTAC® tests.
  • If your browser displays a ‘back’ button DO NOT EVER click the ‘back button’ as this will terminate your test.
  • Do not close your browser once you have started the online test (as this will end the test).
  • If you fail the test, you have 48 hours to take a free re-sit.
  • You must score a minimum of 60% to pass.