SOSTAC® Certified Consultants

Become a SOSTAC® Certified Company

  • Pass the SOSTAC® Certified Consultancy audit
  • Nominate two members of staff to take the SOSTAC® Associate &/or SOSTAC® Certified Planner.
  • Be part of an elite group of companies that invest in planning excellence
  • Be listed as a SOSTAC® Certified Consultancy
  • Create competitive advantage
  • Boost credibility amongst your stakeholders
  • Receive SOSTAC® Certified Company Certificate & logo
  • Company can nominate up to 2 individuals f.o.c. to become Certified Planners. Nominees must meet the requirements i.e. be SOSTAC® Associates or have 5 years’ management
  • Download your SOSTAC® Advanced Manual along with the SOSTAC® Basic Manual (which is used in the SOSTAC® Associate course). These are your two manuals. Estimated study time is approximately 20-30 hours.
SOSTAC® Advanced Manual
  • Once registered you can
    • Download your SOSTAC® Advanced Manual This your guide. Estimated study time is approximately 30 hours.
    • Get PR Smith Blog Feed in one place and enjoy cutting edge posts from Gamification, to Virtual Reality to the Internet of Things).
    • Access network/directory of SOSTAC® certified professionals

Contact [email protected] for information on the annual license fee.

The company must complete the SOSTAC® Company audit.