What Others Say About SOSTAC®

“Qualifying in SOSTAC® planning catapulted my career as a marketing strategist. Due to its solid structure and easy to work with flow, I can easily identify areas in my clients’ marketing platforms that need work.”

Laurette Batstone
The Little Marketing Company
Centurion, South Africa

“Since 2000 I’ve used it when creating many marketing plans”

Dr. Dave Chaffey
Founder, Smart Insights.com

“SOSTAC® is a system for going through the steps and building a marketing plan.”

Professor Philip Kotler

The SOSTAC® Certified Planner online course contains a very important knowledge base, provided in an optimized system that draws a vector, saves time and structures your “scattered knowledge” into a clear strategy and an easy-to-use overall integrated marketing plan. It is a guide for a person/team who wants to implement the mix of modern experience, and age-old wisdom, of strategy, knowledge and skills to his business. Great job!

Kazbek Saydaev
CEO, Chairman of the Directors Board
Switzerland / Russia

As time passes, a marketer sometimes get lost in planning and setting clear goals. SOSTAC® helped me define clear ones. 

Tarek Osman
Marketing Executive,  Alkan Air
Cairo, Egypt

A must for any marketer!

Sam Butterworth
Portfolio Marketing Director
Leeds, UK

“SOSTAC® provides me with a mental model that allows me to translate big picture thinking into an actionable plan. SOSTAC’s iterative nature and flexibility make it a valuable tool throughout my projects, rather than a one-off plan that gathers dust.”

Michael Rogers,
Management Consultant

“I find that SOSTAC® takes all the complex pieces of the digital marketing jigsaw and fits them together in a logical sequence; creating a clear picture and some seriously impressive strategies.”

Krista Bonfield
Content Marketer
Evoke Copy

Uncomplicated process, with ease of application that opens up a plethora of touch points sprinkled with gold dust

Darran Berry
Marketing and Business Development Manager
BASF Performance Materials Dubai

“SOSTAC helps me to show my clients what needs to be done and why in order to develop their business. As well as thorough planning, it helps me to improve teams’ effectiveness”

Anna Miroshnichenko
Marketing and Project Management Executive
Merani, Georgia

“Completing the SOSTAC® Associate course has developed my general marketing skills and also my digital marketing skills, which will, in turn, help my future career in Digital Marketing.”

Jonathon Roberts

“Marketing our solutions requires planning. SOSTAC® helps me to plan effectively and monitor the execution of the plan. Being a SOSTAC® Associate is the first step and I will be definitely progressing to becoming a SOSTAC® Certified Planner.”

Nuwan Wijesinghe
Hatton National Bank PLC
Colombo, Sri Lanka

“I was already drawing on elements of SOSTAC in my marketing planning consultancy work. But completing the course and using the model in its entirety is having a transformative on my one-year old client and training business, providing the base for solid, rational client marketing plans – and my own!”.

Rene Power
Vision B2B Marketing & Training Ltd

“Gives me the skills and knowledge to formulate effective plans and helps inculcate planning as part of one’s DNA.”

Amara Silva
Airbus Middle East, Dubai

“User-friendly planning model that will assist me not only to formulate plans but also to evaluate plans prepared by others”

Nishan Ranasinghe
Senior Manager Revenue and Margins
Singer Sri Lanka

“SOSTAC® is a clear, concise format that delivers. I use it in all of my strategy projects and I would highly recommend all marketers take this course”

Sarah Kennedy
Adjunct Teaching Fellow, Trinity College Dublin
Director, Uplift Digital Marketing

“SOSTAC® opened up a whole new world of clear logical thinking which helps me write high-impact plans.”

Gambar Oruj
Senior Marketing Specialist, PASHA Holding
Baku, Azerbaijan

“A unique experience that provided me with the necessary skills to draw up an effective business plan.”

Chaturi Liyanage
Colombo, Sri Lanka

SOSTAC® Courses

SOSTAC® can be used to write business plans, marketing plans, digital plans, operational plans and even personal plans. You too can learn how to write the perfect plan through a carefully structured set of certifications.

SOSTAC® Associate

 • Build an outline plan
• See how components fit together
• Grasp the importance of questions
• Become a SOSTAC® Associate


Must be over the age of 18

SOSTAC® Certified Planner

 • Build your professional plan
• Improve other plans
• Develop strategy
• Become a SOSTAC® Certified Planner


Must be a SOSTAC® Associate or
have at least 5 years’ managerial experience