SOSTAC® Associate

Learn how to build an outline marketing plan. See how it all fits together. Once registered you can access and download the SOSTAC® Associate Manual.

Read the manual (approximately 10+ hours).  Take the 60-minute SOSTAC® Associate online multiple choice test after you have read the manual or attended a workshop or read either of the externally published books. You have a maximum of 90 days from registration to take the online assessment. Once you pass you become a SOSTAC® Associate. Get an instant result and once you complete our course feedback, you get your instant   personalised certificate.

None – open to anyone (e.g. young/junior-level executives) but must be over the age of 18.

  • Learn how to write an outline marketing plan
  • See how it all fits together
  • Get an SOSTAC® Associate Certificate
  • Become a SOSTAC® Associate
  • Resources

Registration Fee: £100 (includes one free re-sit of the test if required). For UK residents, the standard 20% VAT applies i.e. UK Fee £120. Non-UK fee is £100.

1-hour, open book, online, MCQ test (60% score required to pass and become an associate). Take the 60-minute SOSTAC® Associate online test after you have read the manual or attended a workshop or read either of the books. You have 90 days from date of registration to take the assessment. After taking the online assessment you:

  • get an instant result
  • give instant feedback
  • get your instant certificate

After passing the exam, you will be able to write outline plans with confidence. SOSTAC® Associate can also register to take the elite SOSTAC® Certified Planner course and test. The SOSTAC® Certified Planner is accredited by the UK CPD Standards Office.

• Online Test is ‘always on’ and ready as soon as you are ready

• The test is ONE (1) hour in duration.

• You must have a stable internet connection to take any SOSTAC® tests.

• If your browser displays a ‘back’ button DO NOT EVER click the ‘back button as this will terminate your test.

• Do not close your browser once you have started the online test (as this will end the test).

• If you fail the test, you have 48 hours to take a free re-sit.

• You must score a minimum of 60% to pass.
• You must take the test within 90 days of registration (otherwise you incur another registration fee).