Welcome to the SOSTAC® Certified Planner course.

This course will help you to write great plans for the rest of your life.

SOSTAC® Certified Planners are an elite group of professionals who have a unique skill.

The course comprises

  • Lessons
  • Videos
  • Test Quizzes
  • Take-Away Thoughts
  • Resources
  • Manuals (Basic Manual and the Advanced Manual)
  • Marketing Plan Excerpts
  • Summary Template for a SOSTAC® Plan
  • List of Blog Posts and Videos (links) categorised by each SOSTAC® section.
  • Certification Test


The Certification Test is a 60-minute, open-book, case-study with a multiple-choice test. It is open-book which means you can look at your notes, manuals and/or books during the test.

You have 90 days to complete this course, however, we recommend you complete the course over 4 weeks if possible. This way you stay focused and build momentum to take the test when you are ready.

I really do hope you enjoy this course and it helps you to write great plans that boost results.


Good luck,

Paul R. Smith
PR Smith, author and founder of the SOSTAC® Planning Framework